Eat real food (nourish), do something physical everyday (move), and listen to what your body truly needs (connect). 
— Hanna Schultz, Founder of TWC


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Hey, I’m Hanna

Founder of TWC, Health + Fitness Coach, and wellness junkie who guides people on healing their bodies and living a more intuitive life by finding their own form of true wellness.

Welcome to True Wellness Collective

Here at TWC, our focus is on nourishing, moving, and connecting with our bodies based on our own bio individuality. We come together as a community to learn about and celebrate health in all kinds of ways.

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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

After dealing with my own health issues and dieting experimentations, I learned that in order to truly thrive you have to live a lifestyle based on your own bio-individuality. During our sessions together, we will take a holistic approach, diving deep into way more than just nutrition.

I will help you break the diet mindset, become more intune with your body, find what kind of exercise you actually like, what’s been holding you back from reaching your goals and so much more.


TWC Events + Workshops

These events are focused around TWC’s Philosophy: Nourish, Move, Connect. Bringing together a community that wants to nourish our bodies with delicious food, get moving in a fun way, and connect with others who want to find their own true wellness.


Listen to the Podcast

Tune into the True Wellness RX Podcast, hosted by the founder of TWC Hanna Schultz. With a focus on holistic healing and intuitive living, topics include functional nutrition, fitness (of all kinds), spirituality on a woo woo level, and real authentic conversations with inspiring individuals.

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“I lost 20 pounds in only 2 months doing Hanna’s program. I have done other diet and weight loss programs in the past but all of them were unsustainable. Hanna takes the time to work individually with her client and sets up a realistic program tailored specifically to each person. The result is fun, efficient, and sustainable living that will continue to produce maximum results. Hanna’s knowledge and experience makes her a top notch professional in the industry. She is the obvious choice if you want to change your life today.” -Zack C.