Hey there, my name is Hanna Schultz, founder of TWC. Through my own experience of trying to live a healthy lifestyle, I learned a few things along the way that inspired me to create this wellness community.

I learned that there is no one perfect diet or even lifestyle that everyone should follow.

I learned that everyone has their own bio-individuality that determines the way they should nourish, move and connect with their body. I also realized that there aren’t many places that offer an unbiased supportive environment that helps people find their own true wellness. This discovery lead me to the making of True Wellness Collective.

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True Wellness: It is your own healthy lifestyle that allows you to nourish, move, and connect in a way that supports you holistically, enabling you to not only survive but also thrive.
— Hanna Schultz, Founder of TWC

I wanted to create a place that would incorporate all aspects of wellness since I believe in a holistic approach when it comes to our health. Of course that means eating nourishing foods and moving your body, but also having a community where you can connect and feel supported.

You can find all that and more here at TWC. Nourishing delicious recipes? Yep. Fun workouts to try? Yesss. A place to honor your true self and connect with others? Hell yes.

I decided to create a space where people were less focused about burning calories and looking a certain way to more focused on being strong and making workouts fun. A place where we could share nourishing delicious recipes and have people understand the benefits of nutrient dense whole foods. A place where people could feel understood and empower each other on making healthier choices.

At True Wellness Collective, we offer several services and resources like 1:1 Healthy Lifestyle Coaching , Wellness Events, and the Podcast designed to help inspire and support you on living a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of TWC is to help you find what works best for you and connect with others who want the same kind of wellness freedom. Everything we do here is based on our philosophy:

Eat real food (nourish), do something physical everyday (move), and listen to what your body truly needs (connect). 
— Twc Philosophy
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About Hanna


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Wellness

  • ACE Personal Trainer

  • CrossFit L1 Trainer

  • IIN Holistic Health Coach

  • NTA Nutritional Therapist (In Training)

    Random Facts About Me:

    1. I was born and raised in Mentor, Ohio but hope to move somewhere much warmer soon.

    2. I enlisted in the Air Force when I was 17 and have been serving for over 5 years now.

    3. I wish I could have a puppy but being gone all the time makes it difficult. For now I call my plants my babies. #crazyplantlady

    4. I’ve competed in track, swimming, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and a half marathon but my exercise of choice rightnow is CrossFit/Functional training. I also like to hike and do yoga/pilates.

    5. I am a self help/nutrition book junkie. I don't even own a TV because I'm most likely reading on my free time.

    6. I love to travel. Bali, Australia, and Hawaii are at the top of the list for the next adventure!

    7. I am strong in my faith and don't think I would be here today without God, my angels, and prayer.

    8. My favorite place is the ocean or deep in the mountains getting lost.

    9. I am the most outgoing introvert you will meet. I need my down time to charge and reconnect.

    10. I enjoy long walks in Whole Foods and spending my life savings on some random health food I "need."

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Want to work with me?

I am currently offering 1:1 Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, check out my coaching page here for more details! OR schedule a FREE 30 Minute consultation to see how this healthy lifestyle coaching could benefit you

It would be an honor to help you find your own true wellness! So excited to chat more.

Sending all the love,

Hanna :)

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