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Welcome to the True Wellness RX Podcast!

I’m so excited for you to be a guest on the show and bring my audience some inspiring content. But first, I wanted to give you some info on what to expect along with asking you for some info to ensure a nice and smooth episode!

  1. What to Expect


  • Fill out the information at least 72hrs in advance.

  • Make sure your Skype is downloaded and working.

  • Below I ask you if you want your questions before the interview, if you answer yes then I will get them to you 48hrs in advance.

  • Using the bio you provide, I record a separate intro before our actual interview so no need to worry about formal introductions when we start. I want it to naturally flow!


  • I will call you via Skype video.

  • We will chat for a bit and go over any questions or ideas you may have.

  • During that I will do a test recording to make sure the audio is working.

  • From there I will hit the official record and start the interview!

  • At the end, we will have a closing where you can say goodbye to the audience and then I will stop the recording. I will be recording an outro after our interview.

  • After that we can do a quick recap and go over when to expect the episode to be out and if there is anything extra you want me to put in the show notes.


  • When your episode is live, I will email you the link along with custom images you can share on your social media pages.


  • Please make sure you have your headphones plugged in for best audio quality.

Tips for a great interview:

  • I’m bringing you on this show because I see value in you and love who you are. Please bring your most authentic self!

  • You don’t need to filter any language, again I want you to feel comfortable and be you.

  • The audience loves to receive resources and recommendations, I’m excited to hear what you have!

  • I want this conversion to flow so if you get tripped up on a question we will roll right into the next one. :)

2. Provide Some Info

Name *
Do you want the questions beforehand? *
Can I use a photo from your website for your episode art? *