Pantry Clean Out


Sometimes the best way to have a fresh start is getting rid of the foods that may not support your new healthy lifestyle. Together we will sort through your pantry and fridge, identifying any foods and ingredients that may be holding you back and what kind of healthy swaps you can make.

What to expect:

  • Reading nutrition label + what to look for

  • Identifying food patterns

  • Ingredients you should avoid

  • Easy healthy swaps

Investment: $50/1hr

Note: This session will be held over Skype.

Sign up here if you want to schedule a pantry clean out with me. I’m so excited for you to have a fresh start! :)


Grocery Tour

When you’re first starting out, navigating a grocery store can be overwhelming. I remember when I fist started out on my own health journey, I would go to the store and think “What the heck do I eat?” Together we will navigate the aisles and pick out what will most benefit you and your budget. I recommend doing the pantry clean out prior to the grocery tour so we can start out on a clean slate and I explain a bit more about ingredients and nutrition labels prior to shopping.

What to expect:

  • Having a game plan ready to go (shopping list)

  • Picking out several food items that will build your meals for the week along with some pantry items that can last longer.

  • Answering any questions that may come up during the call.

  • Going through the ingredient and nutrition label and deciding if this food will benefit you or help finding a healthier swap.

Investment: $50/1hr

Note: This grocery tour will be held over Skype while you are shopping.

I recommend doing a pantry clean out first with me so you are starting with a clean slate and already have information on how to read an ingredient and nutrition label. However, if you are looking for immediate guidance in the grocery store I would love to help! Schedule your next grocery tour here! :)