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Nutritious foods with minimal and quality ingredients matters if you want to make a difference in your healthy lifestyle. Shop the brands that make it effortless and delicious.

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What you put on your skin matters. Many products contain harful INGREDIENTS making hormonal SYMPTOMS worse that can lead to infertility, weight gain, acne, digestive disorders, mood disorders, and even cancer. Stay safe and stay beautiful with these ewg approved products.


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I am a huge book nerd especially when it comes health and wellness. Education is something I will always be pursuing because I think there is always something to learn. Check out the programs below if you’re interested in making health and wellness your career!

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This is just a small list of my favorites. Some are more geared towards spirituality, others more on nutrition. Pick through them and see what you like. :) I will be adding on more and swapping out as I go!

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Women’s Health

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