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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Together we’ll find how to nourish, move, and connect with your body in a way that feels right for you.

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My Philosophy

  • Nourish your body with whole nutrient dense foods along with experiences that nourish you on a soul level.

  • Move your body in a way that gets results but is also fun and maintainable.

  • Connect with your body and learn how to give it what it needs by healing the root issue and live more intuitively.

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 Who I Work With

In short, my ideal client is someone who struggles with having the diet mindset, over exercising, poor body image, anxiety and/or dealing with health issues related to digestion and hormones OR an athlete/active person looking to optimize their performance in the gym and maximize recovery. I take on clients that are 100% ready to commit to creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

If you want to..

  •  Break the diet mindset and finally eat in a way that you enjoy instead of restricting, counting calories, or following another fad diet.

  • Prioritize your health and break down limiting self beleifs and excuses.

  • Learn how to make healthy eating sustainable with new ways of cooking, nutritional knowledge, and fun healthy recipes.

  • Feel refreshed, energized, and have an overall happier mood throughout your day.

  • Understand what’s going on with your body and get to the root cause to your health issues.

  • Improve digestion + symptoms (bloating, constipation etc), decrease food intolerances, balance hormones, support adrenal health, and manage autoimmune conditions.

  • Gain confidence by looking and feeling your best and being a positive example of living a healthy lifestyle for your friends and family.

  • Learn how to prioritize your health and reach your goals even with a busy schedule.

  • Boost your performance in the gym and get the results you want.

  • Find a customized fitness regimen that doesn’t have to involve hours of working out and is fun to do.

  • Gain support form someone who understands what it’s like to go through similar issues.

Then let’s work together so you can start living the life you’ve always wanted!

 What’s Included

Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

I offer a free 15-minute call for anyone curious about working together and want to make sure we would be the right fit. Together we will go over your health history form and have a mini session so you can see what it would be like to work together. From here, the right package can be determined during this session.

 I require a 3-month commitment and then you can move to month to month or but another package. All sessions are 60 minutes, monthly and available via Skype audio or phone. Included in all programs:

  1. Unlimited email support in between sessions.

  2. Help with managing a healthy lifestyle with conditions such as diabetes or autoimmune conditions.

  3. Guided goal-setting, accountability + realistic action steps designed to get you the results you want.

  4. A healthy lifestyle game plan tailored to your own bio-individuality + goals.

  5. Introductory session (60 Min) where we dive deep into your past/current health history + goals.

  6. Follow-up sessions (60 Min) where we continue to dive deep into your healthy lifestyle game plan.

  7. Full reassessment(s) (60 Min) with an in depth lifestyle questionnaire + adjustments to your healthy lifestyle game plan.

  8. Customized Healthy Lifestyle Plan: Includes recommendations on nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.

  9. Handouts + resources given as needed.

Topics Included in Sessions but not limited to:

  • On the go + eating out tips/support.

  • Supplement + product recommendations.

  • Optimal exercise, sleep + stress-management modalities.

  • Clean lifestyle + beauty product recommendations.

  • Habits that support healthy hormones.

  • How to support a healthy gut.

  • Identifying food intolerances.

  • Managing cravings + balancing blood sugar.

  • Managing a healthy lifestyle with conditions such as diabetes or autoimmune conditions.


How It Works

 1. We start off with a complimentary 15-minute consultation. We’ll walk through your goals and what you hope to achieve in working with me. Then we’ll take a look at your current nutrition and lifestyle, including supplements, hormone health, sleep, stressors, exercise, medication, etc. From there I can determine how to best support you in getting the results you want.

2. If you decide you want to work with me, I’ll follow up with a proposal of recommendations and package options for you to choose from. You can pick what works best for your budget and lifestyle and then we will set up your call schedule and payment plan. 

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3. Our first session we will dive deep into your goals with health and nutrition and go over any past or present self-limiting beliefs/barriers that you may have. I will also review your lifestyle log and help you identify any patterns that could be effecting your progress. From there we can work together to create your healthy lifestyle game-plan. This can include realistic weekly and daily action steps that will get you one step closer to reaching those goals!

4. Each following session will be completely customized to you and centered around where you’re at in the current moment, what’s coming up for you and how I can best support you through the process. Each session will always be different based on your needs and goals. Consider me your accountability partner, friend and support system helping you create your new healthy lifestyle. You’ll also receive a recap email after each session, summarizing any tools or tips we discussed as well as specific action steps designed to get you the results you want.

5. At the end of our time together you will have already accomplished a number of things that are already positively impacting your life. You’ll have invested in yourself, learned and tried new things, and taken the first step in creating a new and healthy you. You’ll be empowered with more awareness, confidence, strength, tools and strategies. This will help you move forward and continue to build the life you want, and make thoughtful, optimal choices, day in and out, that serve YOUR body, goals and life.

*Monthly Payment Plans are available for each package. Payment options can be discussed during the free 15 minute consultation.


What to Expect

  • Holistic approach: Holistic simply means that I look at all factors going on in your life from the food you eat all the way to your career, relationships, fitness, joyful activities, and self-care. These are all factors that do in fact effect your quality of life which is why we have to address them all, not just one.

  • Educational experience: You are going to learn how to create a lifestyle that you can continue to enjoy and improve on once we are finished. Yes, my goal is for you to walk away with full confidence that you can and WILL live an abundant healthy life without the need for outside guidance, meal plans/specific calorie amounts, diet advice etc. because you will learn what works for you and how to implement it into your everyday living.

  • Honesty + Vulnerability: In order for our time together to be effective, I want you to be completely open and honest with the issues you are working through and the goals you want to reach. That way I am able to see all sides of a situation and better support you on making sustainable changes that get the results you want.

  • Get the Results You Want: My number one goal when working together is to have you get positive results. I love seeing people break through barriers and achieve what they thought was only a dream. You’ll leave each session feeling confident and empowered to take the next step to a healthier you!


 Side Effects May Include

  • Your goals and dreams finally turning into a reality.

  • A newfound love and respect for your body.

  • A customized fitness routine that you enjoy and leaves you feeling energized.

  • A way of eating that fuels and nourishes YOUR body.

  • Knowing how to identify when your self-doubting starts to creep up and how to manage it.

  • A healthy realistic routine that sets you up for an amazing day.

  • New and fun recipes that you can share with family and friends.

  • Knowledge about nutrition and how certain foods effect your body.

  • Control over your health and confidence in making the next steps.


“I lost 20 pounds in only 2 months doing Hanna’s program. I have done other diet and weight loss programs in the past but all of them were unsustainable. Hanna takes the time to work individually with her client and sets up a realistic program tailored specifically to each person. The result is fun, efficient, and sustainable living that will continue to produce maximum results. Hanna’s knowledge and experience makes her a top notch professional in the industry. She is the obvious choice if you want to change your life today.” -Zack C.



Is your coaching in person?

I offer Skype audio sessions to all my clients. This makes it even easier for you when you are dealing with a busy schedule. You have the option of recording each call as well and will get session notes after each time we meet.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone who struggles with breaking the diet mindset, over exercising, poor body image, anxiety and/or dealing with health issues related to digestion and hormones. Additionally, I work with people who are already living a more healthy lifestyle but want to optimize their performance in the gym or life in general! I take on clients that are 100% ready to commit to creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

How do I schedule a free discovery call and sign up for a program?

Sign up for a 15 min discovery call by contacting me, from there we can decide together what program will work best for you!

What makes this program different than other diet programs?

First off, I want to stress that this is not a diet program. Together we are working on breaking the diet mindset and finding what works for your own bio-individuality. You’ll be able to get sustainable results that you can continue to improve on, unlike some other programs that give you a cookie cutter layout and leave you to figure it out afterwards.

What results can I expect when working with you?

Your results are based on the effort and commitment you put into this program in addition to my help and guidance. You can experience food freedom, a new fun fitness routine, finally reaching your goals, and lifestyle changes that make you excited to wake up everyday and live your life!

What if I don’t have the time or money to do the program?

I offer free healthy tips and information on my podcast, blog, and instagram. However, our mind often makes excuses to avoid change and being uncomfortable but one of the best things you can do to bring more abundance in the rest of your life is prioritizing your health. If you really want something, you will find a way to make it work. Together we can work on making health one of your main priorities and knocking down those limiting self beliefs!

Invest In Your Health

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I’m so happy you made the decision to invest in something that will make a lasting change! I am honored to be able to support you along the way in finding your own true wellness. Contact me for your free 15 minute discovery call to get started!

I’m so excited to chat with you,

xoxo Hanna :)


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