22nd B-Day; 22 Facts You Didn't Know About Me


Today is my 22nd Birthday and I can't express how thankful I am to live another year following my passions and meeting amazing people along the way.

This birthday was a bit more special to me because this is the first time celebrating with my family since my father passed away four years ago. No shiny expensive gift could ever replace a birthday well spent with my crazy family. 

Mom made vegan gluten free eggplant parm and of course I HAD to make something (guilty pleasure) so I made a gluten free vanilla cake topped with simple mills chocolate frosting. Alll I can say is #yum. 

And of course with every birthday comes a mini self reflection of another year passed. I couldn't help but think about this time last year. I was starting my senior year of college in a new major with no idea where it was going to go. I was passionate about health and wellness and I was just beginning to dive into all my health issues. Fast forward to today, it's funny how everything falls into place at the right time. 

Since my last birthday, I figured out that I want to become a Holistic Health Coach and help women with learning to love their bodies and create a healthy lifestyle plan tailored to them. I launched True Wellness which I had absolutely no idea I'd be doing that. I started teaching group fitness classes and CrossFit classes. I've traveled to so many places all over the states since last year. All of this along with many more special moments have happened within this past year. None of this was planned and as I write this I remember how it all happened. 

It was just me going with the flow, trusting my gut, and following my passion. So that's exactly what I plan to do this next year. Who knows what will happen but I am so so excited and already grateful for what's to come. 

Alright enough chit chat! As promised, down below are 22 facts about me. I wanted to do this so you can get to know me a bit more since I know this is pretty new and some things I don't think to share often! Enjoy :)


22 Facts About Me:

1. My favorite food is sushi. 

2. I used to read cowboy romance books in high school...literally I was obsessed.

3. I am the most outgoing introvert you will meet.

4. My favorite bands are the Fleetwood Mac and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

5. I love painting and creating things with my hands like clay work.

6. I have about 5 notebooks in rotation to write down my ideas, thoughts, and schedules. 

7. I love having plants and flowers in the house.

8. My favorite place to be is somewhere by the ocean or somewhere hiking.

9. I want a german shepherd or golden retriever one day!

10. I choose to stay away from alcohol besides some celebrations if I really want to because I was raised by an alcoholic and some things you just don't forget. 

11. My favorite guilty pleasure is a lavender infused bath and a good book.

12. I don't watch TV and I feel left out when people talk about the new shows lol.

13. My lucky number is 22, on a woo woo level it has always popped up as a sign to me that I'm on the right path in the weirdest ways. 

14. I love photography and hope to get more into it soon!

15. The reason I started doing yoga wasn't for the physical benefits, I struggled with anxiety and this always helped me.

16. The worst thing to me is being late. I get MAJOR anxiety if it happens.

17. I like being more of a listener than a talker but it's something I need to work on since I want to start sharing more!

18. I most likely am listening to a podcast every free chance I get.

19. I'm a virgo and I'm pretty sure the characteristics fit me to a T. 

20. I start and end my day with a gratitude list. Even the smallest things get written down.

21. I love traveling and probably don't stay in one place longer than a month without going somewhere new. 

22. I am a hopeless romantic but never show it.

Alright that's it! I wanted to share facts that were a bit random because I think you guys already know the health and wellness side to me already. I hope you enjoyed and if you have the time, please share one or two facts about yourself that I don't know! I love getting to know all you guys. 

Cheers to another year around the sun!

xoxo Hanna. :)